Assistance to companies

The Assistance to companies benefits are related to private operators in difficulty or seeking assistance in the context of acquisition of materials, consolidation, expansion and reorientation. These services are of three types:

  • Companies diagnosis,
  • Elaboration of Corporate's Plan,
  • Tracking - consultancy

Companies diagnosis

The diagnosis of companies revolves around the following points:

  • → Financial diagnosis
  • → Diagnosis of the commercial function
  • → Technical diagnostics
  • → Diagnosis of the administrative function
  • → Diagnosis of the competitive environment

These studies lead to an interim report followed by a final report with the corporate turnaround plan proposals.

Elaboration of Corporate's Plan

The completion of the Corporate Plan's study takes into account and develops the following key points:

  • → Presentation of the legal framework of the company,
  • → Market survey and marketing strategy,
  • → Technical review,
  • → Economic and Financial Surveys

Businesses Coaching

The types of services to be provided by ABC GROUP are the supervision of markets, assisting companies in administrative and accounting procedures.

Market supervision services:

  • → Framing for the calls for tenders's submission,
  • → Advice before the purchase of tender documents(appreciation of the company's capacity to produce all the administrative and financial documents required in the folder and its technical means to carry out the work),
  • → Setting up of a marketing's approach

Assistance in finding financial and administrative documents required:

  • → Assistance for the correct development of unit prices (detailed breakdown of unit prices),
  • → Assistance for determining the tax credit,
  • → Setting up of a marketing approach

Coaching services for the performance of contracts which are carried out following the steps below:

  • → Preparatory stage
  • → Work execution stage
  • → Market closing stage

Supporting Businesses

You are an entrepreneur and sometimes faced with the decline and lack resources to implement actions that can significantly improve the impact of your business.
Accompaniment is a caring professional support that reveals the potential on exchanges, networks and tools basis.

Business mentoring:

  • → Liven customers and prospects
  • → Optimize different supports
  • → Accompaniment on strategic contacts
  • → Developing an information strategy
  • → Implement a marketing approach
Goal: Boosting its potential, generate Internet traffic, creating a recurrence of shares.

Marketing assistance:

  • → Implement a comprehensive communication policy
  • → Build the dashboard of your project
  • → Identifying segments
  • → Investigation of commercial potential
  • → Structuring Gallery Overview
  • → Business plan
Goal: Set up a sales and marketing strategy with actions.

Geomarketing and Histogram

  • → You need a map of your target
  • → To understand the distribution of your segments
  • → Lay out a presentation document
  • → Geomarketing Position of target
  • → Strategic analysis
Goal: Having visual summaries in order to analyze, understand or explain a situation.

Business Consulting

Owing to its proximity to the corporate world and especially for its ambition to be an ideal partner for individuals and organizations in Africa, ABC GROUP capitalized with great attention, undeniable expertise in the field of assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • Business management assistance
  • Accounting and fiscal assistance
  • Juridic assistance
  • Management Consulting
  • Legal and Tax Advice
  • organizational consulting

Management and business organization Consulting

To help you manage and implement organizational improvements in order to get results consistent with the goals, ABC GROUP puts at your service his knowledge of the company and the business world.

ABC GROUP designs and implements solutions that combine expertise and economic performance for your business.

When optimizing the management and business organization involves structural modifications, ABC GROUP is ready to bring you its tax and legal knowledge, and proceed on your behalf all the necessary paperwork and steps.
Our activity in anagement and business organization Consulting is well completed by a legal approach that enables us to ensure a quality service.

They rely on us: